Fire Extinguishers & Gas stations

The other day when I was helping to stimulate the economy in my own way by paying way to damn much at the gas station. While I was pumping ( no comments please) and looking around because there isn't much else to do really. I for once took notice of something that though it seemed appropriate at one point all of a sudden made absolutely no sense at all. I mean come on who the hell do they think they are fooling anyway. You see while I was looking around I came upon this hard plastic box connected to one of the pillars that hold up the shelter in which you stand underneath while pumping. Inside this plastic box is a fire extinguisher. Now you're thinking, what so nuts about that? The fact is this. "IF" you happen to be at the gas station and witnessed a fire starting, know that there are gas fumes EVERYWHERE. (You're at a gas station remember) And knowing that it isn't REALLY the fuel that burns but the fumes that the gas puts off. Now, here is lies the insanity of it all.You're at the pump, and let's assume that some knuckle head decides to through a cigarette out of his window as he pulls up to the pump. Moments before it falls into a pool of gas that some little old lady left because she was topping off her tank which they always tell you not to do, but we all seem to do it anyway. The pool of gas bursts into flames. Now what do you do? Does your average person grab the fire extinguisher, NO! He runs like hell because, why? Because if you have ever seen any movie where there is a gas station fire the stuff goes up like a mini atomic bomb. The first thing you would have to do is get over the shock that there is a fire. Secondly you have to remember that you are in a gas station. Then you have to remember because you're in a gas station that that little tiny fire extinguisher could barely put out an oven fire.So what do you do, RUN that's what you do. Either that or you jump in your car, move like a bat out of hell (Becomes it is on it's way). You're half way down the road you look in your review mirror and see Hiroshima happening at your local Circle K. But it doesn't stop there. You happen to notice that your car is on fire. Why because in your haste to leave and say the hell with the fire extinguisher you left the nozzle in your tank. Now the hose is "designed" to break away in the even there is a sudden drive off. But in doing so it has managed to trickle out some fuel that of course is ignited because of the that damn cigarette. Now the fuel in your car if leaking out and it's just moments before the whole thing goes up and…….BOOM!Ciao