The Little Warrior

Well once again I am here to revel in the strength and
well stubbornness of my Best buddy in the whole world. My
Little buddy practices Tae Kwon Do as I mentioned before.
Thursday he had class to prepare for this up coming belt
test. He always does well, although I am pretty sure they
just hand out belts most of the time. But my little buddy
does earn his, of that I have no doubt. Before you start
rolling your eyes at me, I want to tell you the events of
yesterday evenings class. If this does change your
impression well, who care what you think. :-)
It was HOT, and I mean HOT Thursday, typical weather for
late July. Lots of kids in class as there is a belt test
the following evening. Which reminds me I need to make
sure I bring my little underachieving digital camera
tonight. Anyways, I noticed at the beginning of class that
my little buddy didn't seem to have his heart in it. I
think he was still ticked off that he didn't get to hang
with his friends that day. Well he seemed to get through
it, and his "attitude" did improve as the class went on.
It became time for sparring which he loves, we got his
equipment on and he got paired up with a kid older, a
little bigger and of a much higher belt. Whooo hooo...I
like seeing that. It makes my buddy try harder to connect
with his kicks and what not. He does a great job with the
older kid and then switches partners to a slightly older
kid and high belt. Again my little buddy is doing great
and was kicking some butt. When sparring time was over, he
came over to me (I'm like his personal equipment manager,
and trainer) we get his gear off. I could tell he wasn't
feeling good, sweating like a pig. I mean he looked like he just came out of the dunk tank at some carnival. So as a "good" trainer would do I asked if he was okay and kept pumping him. "hey
you're doing great, hang in there" He walks off obviously tired but gets back to class. Moments later I see across the room that he looks like he is in pain. The instructor pulls him aside and has him sit down. Moments later I headed to the back of the class. Chat with my little buddy
who is a complete mess now. He had the tell tale signs of low blood sugar and probably a little dehydration but I don't think so, he was still sweating pretty good sort of like backyard sprinkler. so I don't think it was that. At that point class was pretty much
over and I asked if he wanted to leave. He was looking
like he just got done doing the Hawaiian Iron Man contest. I picked him up and cradled him on one arm. For a kid his size he really doesn't feel like he weighs that much. It also makes me look like I am a lot stronger than I am too. Hee hee. If you ever saw the movie Commando with the
Govenator, you should remember the ending when he comes walking on the beach with a then very young Alyssa Milano. carrying her in one arm looking all...well "terminator'ish"
Well that wasn't me or anything but you get the idea. After my buddy and I got into our Cruiser. Black FJ Cruiser that is. It hit me all of a sudden what sort of happened, or at least what I think happened. You see I think my little buddy is a little warrior at heart. I don't think his feeling sick all of a sudden hit him after I got his gear off. I think he was already that way by the
time he was sparring with his second partner. But like a good little warrior he kept on going and didn't stop. I think even though he was feeling bad he kept up that stubborn, warrior like personality of his. I'd like to think he got that from me, but I'm not so sure. I do know that properly motivated I have done lots of things physically I didn't realize I could do. So maybe just maybe he got some of his warrior spirit from me. Ah, who knows? But what I do know or rather believe is that my little buddy is a warrior, who has many years to go before
he reaches his full potential. I guess that's part of my job to see that he can reach his potential. Well that's it for me.