My Bestest Buddy a SEAL?

The other day my Bestest Buddy proclaimed that he knew why I was "making" him take Tae Kwon Do. First off I didn't know I was making him, although I think he was just trying to make a point.  He told me that I've started his Navy SEAL training. The first time he said this to me I was floored, I had no idea how he had gotten that into his head. Fortunately for me he seemed to recall the entire discussion. Way back when, I apparently said something to the affect that I was proud of his motivation and liked that no  matter how tired he was that in TKD class he never stopped. He kept going even when he was sparring with someone older and bigger than him. He kept going no matter what.  I think I made some alludes to him having the same motivation as a Navy SEAL, I even think I said they were the best of the best. best buddy told me this past weekend that being a Navy SEAL was in our blood. I didn't want to disappoint him because no one in our family has done anything like that. But then I had a V8 moment and while going into the office on Monday, It was about 33 degrees I had on no jacket. When I  got to the Metro this English chap looked at me and said "A bit colder than you thought this morning" When I thought about it I don't think I really paid much attention to the cold at the time. So I think I past the cold test. (Not really but give me a break here) I then thought about the martial arts that I take/took or whatever. Everything is about pushing yourself and going farther than you believe your body capable of. Everything is mind over matter, "If you don't mind, it don't matter". I don't know if I or anyone else in my family could have been a SEAL, but maybe my Bestest Buddy is right, maybe it is in our blood.