I can't tell you how many times I've seen the movie 300. It currently ranks up there with one of my all time favorates. Most people will may believe its just a guy oriented action flick. Well they would be mostly right. But since this isn't a movie review I'll spare you my "thoughts" on the movie, at least for now that is. For sometime now, I've been trying to recreate the "look" from the movie and I think I've done it. The images below are perhaps NOT the best use of the effect but I believe it illustrates the point of the effect.  The 300 effect is essentially LOTS of yellow in a sepia sort of way.  There are two images below, a before and after. The picture is of my Dad (Grandpa) and my son, it was taken sometime in September of 2008 for the Haymarket Day Parade. As you can see from the original picture the lighting wasn't that great. There is a pretty harsh shadow being cast that almost makes this a bad image. BUT throw in a 300 effect and well you take a look and tell me what you think.  

No 300 effect

The persians don't stand a chance