More moon & stuff

Before we (I) begin I want it known that I got my inspiration for this image from an old school friend. Thank goodness for old school friends. You know who you are...Thank you! I've been pondering for sometime now an image with the moon and trees in the evening sky. My only problem is that I wanted to make sure that the two parts were clearly visible. I have made several attempts before and have failed someone miserably. Either the moon was to dark, to bright or the trees just looked just as aweful. So what I decided to do was probably something I should have done from the very beginning. And that would be take two separate images and use my handy dandy laptop and Photoshop and attempt to put together this vision I had in my head. Well, perhaps not "the vision" I had in my head. I don't think the world at large could handle such radical thinking. Yes I do give myself to much credit. However, as with most things I do when it comes to photography, I'm never quite satisfied. When I thought I was about complete I started to think that the sky needed "something". That something ended up being clouds. I just so happened to have taken several pictures one afternoon out at my parents house of a puffy cloud filled sky which I quickly added to the image. All in all there are three different photographs that make up this image.  This picture posed a few challenges as everything was in color...well save the moon which is - well is moon color.  To make this picture appear to me at night I ended up partially making this a black & white image. I'll spare you the technical mum bo jumbo. This is sort of a part color part B&W photo. Kind of like split tone...duo tone...maybe even quadtone. the moon for those of you that have been following me along these last several months is the same moon from one of my other posts. Okay kids its getting late and I need to hit the hay.