The Road revisited

I took this road because I believed it would take me home. The others told me it was the wrong way. They called out to me and told me to come back. The road looked familiar to me, there were landmarks, signs that I remembered. I continued down this road, I could hear their voices urging me to turn around. I proceeded to take this road because I was sure it would lead me home, I'd been down this road before I know it. Miles later, I'm alone out here. I can't hear them calling me anymore, I've gone to far now to turn around, though I'm not so sure anymore I went down the right road anymore. Maybe this road isn't home, maybe it goes nowhere. Maybe its a dead end, or it continues on to no where, but isn't that somewhere? I've been down this road before, I know it leads somewhere. Maybe it isn't home, but it will get me somewhere I haven't been before. Or maybe back to where I started. Doesn't matter really, I took the first step down this road by myself, perhaps my journey will end the same way.