Cruzan with Westcott

Hi everyone - Just recently a co-worker of mine at my day job, yes I have a day job. Anyways, his grandfather has a winery that is - well full of wine that he wants to sell. He asked if I could give him some pointers, but since I  haven't taken a picture of a bottle of wine  I thought I would take a few shots this evening and see how it went. I mean its the logical thing to do before I'm actually trying to give out pointers. (Sheeze the nerve of some people.) I wanted to go simple with this as I'm a pretty simple guy. Some time ago I purchased the uLite Green Screen lighting kit from Westcott to do some green screen stuff at the house. It was really to goof around with.  I decided I would use the lights that came with the kit and let the dice roll. I borrowed some maroon fabric, an antique table. (Which you can't even see in the photo) I set each light to either side of the bottle of rum, I didn't have a bottle of wine handy.  I placed the 500 watt lights about 2 or 3 feet from the bottle and had the lights at the same height as the table.  I first wanted to try things out with just one light source. I turned on only the light to my right, and let'er rip. For this I was using a Nikon D300 and a 18-200mm 3.5 lens. This shot was taken at shutter speed 1/160 at F 5 Single light

This next picture was taken with two lights. I just turned on the second light to my left, adjusted my camera's setting...oh and for the record I was shooting manual. I did a few test shots until I found a happy place. :-) This shot was taken at 1/160 at F5.3, not to much in the way of changing settings. I'm not sure which picture I like the most. I suppose I'll see if my daytime job co-worker likes either one.

Two Lights

Until next time

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