At the Windy City

Hi all....short post today, no pictures even. Been up since 2:00 AM, flew to Chicago though I wasn't sure I was going to make it today. To make a long a actually a fairly boring story short. Well actually my stories are rarely boring and almost NEVER short. :-) The plane was cold inside, they didn't have the heat on because some auxiliary power source wasn't hooked up and they (airport people) weren't going to because whatever hose thingy that had to hook up would blow off. Soooooooooooo they decided that it would be best to just start the plane and heat'er up. WELL they let us board the plane, butt cold. Oh and low and behold they announced that the hose thingy needed to be hooked up in order to start the engines, which would heat up the plane. Seriously they couldn't have known that earlier? Suffice to say by the time the plane warmed up we were half way to Chicago. Oh and according to the weather peeps, its "feels" like 7 degrees outside. Low tonight well its supposed to be feel something in the minus range. Yippee! Until Next time,

TiNi "Frozen" Images