OH a recipe book

Hi folks, I can't tell you how excited I am, I just received in the mail from Barnes and Noble, my new recipe book. Yeah I know what you're thinking, you're saying to yourself, "DUDE?!? you need a recipe book?" Well to tell you all the truth yes indeed I do. This is just your normal everyday Betty Crocker recipe book, but I think if she were around today she would appreciate the this book as well. Ugh...I got distracted there. This book is a recipe book from my good old Photoshop and photography guru "friend" Scott Kelby. He doesn't actually know we're friends, but I learn a lot from him, his books and videos that is. I don't think he'd mind at all though. His latest book that I've gotten my hands on is called the Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes: Your Guide to Today's Most Popular Lighting Techniques. If you've read his other books on digital photography you will recognize some of the lighting techniques in the book. Oh did I mention it also has a 2 hour DVD with it too. Now I haven't looked at the DVD yet. I will do that shortly after posting this. I'm pretty excited about it though. If you haven't checked out Scott before you don't know what your missing. His blog is amazing, really great photography and Photoshop insights. Until next time,

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