HDR in a single shot

hdr-single-shot hdr-single-three-images-3

Hi everyone, I want to start off by saying that though I don't "do" tutorials, mostly because I don't have the patience to do one. But over the weekend, Friday morning actually I set out and took this picture. You should recognize  it from last weeks post. Weird thing is that after making the post I thought I could do something else to it. Such as make an HDR image, but I only had one photo. Not two or three that you would typically need for an HDR image. Well I had seen, heard it before that you can still do it, its just that the image isn't going to look all that realistic. I wasn't going for that look, so really what did I have to lose? So here is what I did in a nutshell.

1. Open the image that you want to make as an "HDR'ish" image in an HDR program such as Photomatrix Pro.

2. Make the adjustments you want, in this one I made the first one REAL dark'ish. I then saved it to my desktop for safe keeping.


3. Again I opened the same imagine and made some additional adjustments, I made this one a little lighter.


4. So what I ended up with was actually three separate images. The original, the dark one, and the lighter one.

5. I opened the all in Photoshop,  bringing them into one working file.

6. By doing so I ended up with 3 separate layers. I applied some layer masks to the dark and light layers.

7. I proceeded to then just "reveal" the portions of the dark and light images that I wanted.

Well there ya have it in a nutshell

Until nex time,

TiNi Images

PS RC from NAPP did a tutorial on this as well. I'm just "ticked" (Not really) that I just happen to have the same idea and well he beat me to it. (Seriously I did)