Those that influence

Hi everyone, today I decided to skip the Photography quote of the day in lieu of something a little more close to home for me. The other day I showed a friend a picture that my business partner took when we were in South Dakota last Summer. Now if you know me, you also know my business partner. My friend told me that my partner had an interesting perspective and that I need to make sure I keep the camera in his hands. I was proud to hear that from someone about my business partner. I don't know if it's directly because of me or by his own desire but someone I feel like I had something to do with his interest in photography. NO, I'm not tooting my own horn here, I do have a point I'm trying to get to. I don't know if my partner will go on to make a career in photography but I do hope he continues it as a life long endeavor. Which now brings me to the reason for all this, it started me thinking who was the influence in my life to start taking pictures. I remember the first time I actually had a camera that I could call my own, and who let me use it. It was a very good friend of the family who I had always known to be my cousin. (I don't think he really was though, but that's another story) When I was probably in Jr High my "cousin" Jim let me have/use his camera. It was a Canon T-something, I don't remember which one though. I have very specific memories of walking through my parents front yard taking pictures of just stuff. I don't even recall ever getting any of the film developed actually. But I do remember that it was his camera, his generosity that kicked started this hobby, passion desire, or at the very least this interest I have in photography. Jim passed away several years ago; I never got to tell him how important his influence is to me. For all of you that knew Jim you know what a positive influence he was to all. So to Jim, Thank you for handing me a camera, I hope to pass your influence on to my business partner. And no worries I will tell him about you. Until next time,

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PS In case you're wondering my partner took this one.