This Old House

Hi Everyone! Ya know one of the coolest things about my photography partner is, he's absolutely my best friend in the whole world. He and I had some last minute schedule changes so we took off late in the afternoon to go shoot some pictures. We were running out of day light, and we didn't have our tripods handy. Yeah I know, shame on us. Well since we are on our Project 365 kick, we were anxious to get out and shoot. Even if it was only for about 30 mins. With our time constraint we wanted to hit some place pretty close by. We were headed to a place called Beverly Mill, though I ended up taking a wrong turn somewhere (I tend to do that more than I'd like to admit) and ended up on a not well maintained road. My photography partner quickly jumped out of see and pointed to this house you see here. We did a U turn so we were on the opposite of the street across from the house and began to shoot. Lucky for us we were also at the local wetlands as well. We got a few shots of that in too, but we'll save that for another time. The image below ended obviously didn't look quite like this but to us it had the sort of old world charm. So we added a few "touches" using Silver Efex Pro by Nik Software. We use it for all over our black and white conversions. Until next time,

TiNi Images