Hokie Chevy

As cool as the Hokie's are, come on lets face it most of us don't know what a Hokie is. Okay I do, but I ain't telling you. If it wasn't obvious I got to go with a friend to see Va Tech play football this past weekend. I have to admit, it was really fun and exciting. You can feel the electricity in the air in Downtown Blacksburg.  Everywhere we looked there was a sea of orange and maroon, and only a smattering of blue. (That was the visting team, boo hiss) So, full disclosure - this was my first time attending a college football game.  Yes I am a college football newbie.  I never "got" what it meant to be a college football fan, or for that matter a Hokie. Hokie's are like REAL fans, like fan FANS. They take their football seriously.  As we made our way to the stadium we past several locations where fans tailgate. SUV's and sedans of all sorts, tents, banners, grills, and satellite dishes (Yes satellite dishes). All the things you would expect at a good tailgate. But what left me somewhat stunned is to what lengths a real fan will go to. As I was strolling around the tailgating area, rolling in comes what appears to be a 2-door convertible Maroon and White 57' Chevy.  Including a few decals along the side proudly displaying the driver's Hokie roots.  I'm guessing that isn't a factory paint job. Oh yeah and did you know, in the early 1990s, the value of meticulously restored '57 Chevy convertibles was as high as $100,000. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a few out there that would gladly drop 100 Grants for this Chevy dream. hokie-chevy-1

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