Route 29 Instagram Because I forgot my memory card

Okay so this WASN'T supposed to be a revealling fact that I'm horribly absentminded. The fact of the matter is that I am, or as my family tells me I could be ADD. I kind of believe they are right. So yesterday I completely forgot my trusty Nikon P7000 which I like to keep in the car. Well today I was NOT going to forget it no way no how. As I ran out the door this morning and got to Route 29 I whipped out my P7000 fired off 4 shots while sitting at a stop light only to get and out of memory error. I knew this just couldn't be right at all. There had to be some mistake, and of course there was a mistake. I had forgotten to put the memory card back when I took out it the other day. The 4 shots I was able to snap off were due to the internal memory in the camera. So not to be completely ticked off I grabbed my Galaxy Nexus and fired off a couple more shots. The resulting post processing courtesy of Instagram. Thank you again my Galaxy Nexus and thank you Instagram. I truly hope I don't make a habit of this. Until next time,

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