Youngs Branch and Bridge

Hiya everyone! So to start out getting to this spot shouldn't have taken quite as long as it did but it wasn't such a bad "hike" after all. I headed out to Manassas Battlefield in the middle of the afternoon, which isn't the ideal time to shoot landscape but it worked for my purposes. The Manassas Battlefield isn't to far away from me so, like maybe 20 mins at the most. That's assuming I don't get stuck in traffic on 29 through Gainesville, VA. (They really need to hurry up with that By-Pass)

Anyways, after getting my Annual pass for the National Parks I headed down a path that takes me behind the statue of Stonewall Jackson, past a few cannons and an hour or so later ended up here. It shouldn't have taken me an hour BUT I took the wrong trail in the beginning. Which actually turned out to be a happy accident. I plan on posting that image here at some later date.

Until next time,

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Youngs Branch Bridge