Back in the woods

Hi Folks,

I'm sure you've all done this, smiled about something that only you were aware of its impact on you. One of the best things about being a photographer is that if you're really luck you get to capture that moment forever. This is one of those moments. It always has this unique quality to make me smile. I can remember exactly the moment this event happened. I remember feeling happy, excited and thrilled all at the same time.  Being young and being able to explore and experience so many things with such a carefree attitude is joy most of us forget about. As for me, I haven't forgotten. I get to live it over an over again through imagery and photography. It's one of the reason that I "do" photography. Being able to capture moments that mean something (at least to me) and be able to express it in a way that others might see and feel what I did at that moment. 

Enough nostalgia for me today. 

Until next time,


young into the woods.jpg