Stuff about photography that bums me out

So every now and then I take some time to reflex on my photography and what it means to me and of course to others as well. When I shoot images of folks for their portfolio and after awhile I go and see if they opted to use my images and I see that they did not but instead use images from someone else. I sit and wonder what it was that I didn't do right. Did they not like my style, are the images I gave that bad? I dunno, it's a pain in the ass really. Never quite knowing if you are good enough at it to have someone choose your images to display in the portfolio. 

Certainly the model isn't under any obligation to use my images. Just would be nice to know what I could have done to do a better job or at least tell me I shouldn't be doing portrait/fashion work.

It really makes me want to hurl my photography gear into a lake and just give it all up. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I should be doing different. I'm told it happens all the time if you're a photographer. Maybe my work is better than some, but not what someone else is looking for. In the end its all about personal preference, in this case the model's personal preference just didn't jive with my work. Oh well. 

Until next time,