When people post my pics and don't tell me....

Or they post my pictures and I know they are passing them off as their own. This is mainly done with "family photos I've taken and have provided them to others and they do some craziness with them and then send them around to all their family and friends. I was a bit surprised at my reaction when I realized this was happening and I offered to put the "craziness" together for them because what they were doing was pretty much changing the vision I had with the original shots. At some point reality hit me and I really had to ask myself, WHY do I care what they do with the images? It's not like that person is getting paid for those images that they are sending out to everyone and their neighbor. Although I take it as a creative punch to the gut they aren't stealing money from me they are taking credit at some level but it's not a money making "violation" they are committing. It's just Auntie Bertha sending out family photos.

So there are times for one reason or another I provide images to folks of themselves for their own promotional needs and wants and I rarely hear from them again about the images. I don't even put a watermark on my images because I think they distract and also because I haven't figured out a cool logo to put on them that is unique to me. But mostly because I find watermarks distracting and who really cares about who took the image other than the photographer? 

At times I've been surprised, albeit not a Happy Surprise that I've seen a few of my images posted and no credit was given to me as the photographer. I suppose I shouldn't whine because I gave that image to someone to use as they want, but deep down I wish they had said that they knew the super awesome photographer that took the image. At the very least just mentioned my name, that's not to much to expect right? At least I don't think it is but there ya go, people don't often do that. I can't say as I blame them because I didn't specifically tell them they had too and I don't put watermarks on my images. 

Another funny thing about not putting watermarks on most of my images, people that I know often ask which pictures on this site are mine. Why all of them I say, I don't know what they is so obvious. Maybe it's because the website doesn't bare my name, ya know that could be it. Which is actually something that I have given some thought too. Change the name of the website to reflect who is behind the lens, or maybe do something a little different with a different website than this one. Oh boy I dunno, it's difficult enough to maintain one website with content, and not bore everyone to death.