A Year In Pictures

Hi everyone, 

So as I decided it would be an interesting exercise to see how little I actually had a chance to shoot this year. I admit it was mostly my fault and although I would like to blame my schedule I feel like that would just me passing the buck and what not. Well that just wouldn't do at all. 

What I came up with were about a dozen or so images, one of which I think is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), so consider yourself warned. :-) I am hoping to do a better job next year and I also hope that maybe just maybe some of you out there who "insist" you would like to have me photography you actually call me. hee hee, you know who you are. And a BIG thank you to those of you that did give me the opportunity to shoot with you. 

Below is a small slide show of images I've shot this year, you can see the full size gallery here or you can keep scrolling down to see the images included separately. 

So until this time next year. Happy New Years to you all!!!

Until next time,