Couple at the Wall

During my tour around The Mall in DC, it's always necessary to make trip over to the Vietnam Memorial. As of now it's the only Memorial of a "recent" conflict where there are still many survivors, both active participants as well as family members can take time to honor those that served. I remember as I was making my way to the Memorial that I would at least find something interesting to shoot. Not giving a whole lot of thought as to the place I was about to visit. That is until I came across this. As I saw this couple making a rubbing, several things went through my mind all at once. "I wonder who that person is that they are remembering. How far did they come to visit the Wall? Is it a brother, sister, uncle, a lost friend?" No matter the relation, one thing did come clear. Whom ever it is - they are not forgotten. It was at that moment as I was just walking past them that I turned around and fired off a few frames. I don't know who these folks are honoring, who they will not forget. What I do know is that I won't forget these people honoring someone who shouldn't be forgotten.

Until next time,