A Head Shot

Hi Folks,

And by head shot I am not referring to some level of marksmanship you need to play anyone of the Call Of Duty games. Although if I had to tell you I'm AWEFUL at it, my son on the other hand - Well the boy has some skills. Anyways this is an image of a headshot I took a couple of months back. I "think" I still have some work to do to it, but then again I say that to just about everything. For those of you thinking it, YES I deliberately took this picture at sort of an angle so YES it was done on purpose. 

Until next time,


The setup:
Camera: D800
Background: White (Duh)
Light Source: (2) Elinchrom BRXi500's (1) on a 17" Beauty Dish on a boom-stand sort of up and slightly right of the camera, the other in a rectangle soft-box off to camera left as a bit of fill light.

Two Light setup with 17" Beauty Dish and 36" rectangle softbox