Tidal Basin in Pink

Hi everyone, so this image obviously was taken back during in Spring BUT I finally got around to looking at it. I remember getting to the Tidal Basin well after peak for the Cherry Blossoms. As a matter of fact the cold weather and the wind pretty much wiped everything out before I got there. However as I was headed towards the Jefferson Memorial I saw a family taking pictures of the Washington Monument and doing that "thing" where they pretend to hold the Monument in their hands. Well I admit I've always wanted to do that but never actually "did it". While watching in amusement I also saw some folks photographing through this very same tree here. It's interesting the things that people see when I've got my blinders on and headed to my destination and fail to notice a cool opportunity. So I'd like to take credit for "seeing" this shot but I can't. Although once I got the scent, I did that whole compose and frame my shot, and snapped away. The moral of the story doesn't hurt to stop and take note of what someone else is "doing" you might want to do it too.

Until next time,


Tidal Basin in Pink.jpg