Waterloo Bridge "Haunted Bridge"

Hi folks, 

So most of you know that I grew up in New Baltimore, Virginia a small town in Fauquier county. Living in New Baltimore pretty much meant that you stayed in New Baltimore because it was far enough away from pretty much everything until you were old enough to drive or fortunate enough to have friends who drove. Since there was only one High School and being a very rural community we all pretty much did the same thing and new most of the same things about the goings on around town. Like most people I am familiar with the Waterloo Bridge, and its significance to the community as well, basically a huge short cut, between Culpepper County and Fauquier County, but to the locals it was also The Haunted Bridge or Ghost Bridge.

Waterloo Bridge played a role leading up to the Second Battle of Manassas. There is even a small Wikipedia article of the Waterloo Bridge detailing its role during the Civil War. 

On January 15 2014, it was announced that the bridge would be closed due to structural integrity issues. Having grown up in Fauquier I felt that at some point I needed to get to the bridge and document for myself this bridge before it went the way of  the DoDo bird. As luck would have it I took a quick 30 minute ride out to the bridge Saturday 9 August 2014. I was greeted by a crap load of bugs, it was humid and hot, just like you would expect on an August day in Virginia. Since the bridge is closed, I parked at the edge of the bridge and took a small foot path to the right of the bridge and made my underneath the bridge. and down to the water's edge. I was pretty lucky the Rappahannock River wasn't overflowing and I could easily make my way down to get a few of these images. I walked up the "river bed" a bit, tiny frogs jumping for cover as I made my way, I saw deer tracks and footprints from what appears to be small children as well. It was good to see that although there has been such a great passage of time somethings never change. 

Enough of my babble...

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